Join us where the water’s warm and the sun is bright

Work on the waterfront

Fossil Beach Farm LTD. is a professionally run, aboriginal owned, mixed use agri-tourism, orchard, and livestock farm. Nestled on sunset side of Hornby Island, we operate from May- Sept and hire 4-5 seasonal employee’s.  We are joined by a high end, appreciative, and loyal clientele who make guest services a pleasure.  Most of our staff will live on part of the 80 acre farm during the season, camping or living in their RV’s.  Although the days can be long, each evening is usually celebrated by a warm swim or paddle board on our semi private beach and a cold pressed juice or cider.

The farm offers all employee’s with full use of the Farm’s amenities, camping/RV space, discounts on goods, occasional staff dinners, full tip out, competitive wages and a year end completion bonus.

If this sounds like a summer you’d like to experience, love people, have a farms work ethic, and don’t mind chasing down a cow or two, see below!

The General Manager position is usually a live in position to oversee the entire business operations as well as hand on work where needed, cleaning, bartending, production etc.  Could be expanded to a year round (part time winter) position.  This is an excellent position for someone who has a wide skill set, good management and time management skills.
Please email [email protected] for complete scope of work.
The Glamping Managers are responsible for ensuring that our guests in our 7 bell tents are looked after.  They are usally a live in couple, responsible for landscaping, maintenance, cleaning, turn-overs, laundry, guest relations, security, garbage etc.
Please email [email protected] for complete scope of work.
The Tasting Manager is responsible for the successful implementation of our two tasting areas and our contracted cook shack.  This includes, scheduling, production, inventory, financial management inaddition to the responsibilities of the “tasting room staff”.
Please email [email protected] for complete scope of work.

If you love people and story telling, this is the job for you! This is a do it all bar tending job with busing, story telling and cleaning of the venue before and after service hours.

Please email [email protected] for complete scope of work.
The celler hand could be combined with another position, but if you love experimenting, have passion about all things fruit and farming this may be the job for you.  This job you would blend ciders, making soda’s, non-alc drinks, pressing fruit, finding pickers, ensure that the tasting room is topped up with product by packaging kegs and bottles.
Please email [email protected] for complete scope of work.